COVID 19. My life continues to be a learning curve. MY BLOG twice a week seems to be my only clear and understandable writing place. I return here and sense that this Ashes Website can now be used like a blog site also. I will have to find out. Perhaps speak with a WordPress Expert. For now I am going to use this as a space until I know absolutely what I have here. It was a free website many years ago but NOW Wow!

Char-Lee A image of what external change of seasons means for her.


Details of Websites

today is 5th October, 2019 and because of feeling  creative and energised, I am looking and all the resources I have and using them all.   For the information of anyone who may journey onto this  Beyond the Ashes place below are the writings which have flowed over my life in recent years.

A new inspiration is called     and although this link may not work here yet it is something where from the past the sparks of inspiration came in poetry and prose form.   I hope with beautiful illustrations they too may be a blessing.     is an overview of life and has Bear Stories.     is where more SPIRITUAL jottings are expressed.      is WordPress and where I mainly use  as a blogging site.

BLUE LAKE Jenolan Caves Blue Mountains. not my photo but Mine was exactly the same on slides.

Refreshment and Peace!




Ashes travels emotionally and spiritually but the physical journey goes from desert heart to coastal beauty.   Nothing can assuage human sorrow.  Forgiveness is the answer they will find.

Daniel comment……….Ashes, Ashes everywhere.  My whole  life has deteriorated into nothing but ASHES,.

pile of ash..jpg




city weather thunderstorm electricity

SURPRISED by revisiting this book. on

Saturday 20th July, 2019.   Today I came across the free e-book card and I went to my Calibre e-book selections and for a few minutes read through the Ashes Book.   I found it still sparked interest in my own life and spirit and I believe God quickened in my heart the desire to not let this story (sink into forgetfulness while I am still alive).  I googled Beyond the Ashes and was both surprised and pleased to know that next to my name was a website link.  Click on that and it came to this place.

This then is my joy.   I will return here and keep it ALIVE.    Hopefully I can generate some interest so others may want to view as well.



The story of Beyond the Ashes began on a coach to Central Australia in 1968. I asked the question in my heart……What happens to ordinary folk when unforgiveness is allowed to fester in their lives?

Could a tragic accident pull a family apart?

Can issues in past lives significantly effect the present?

These are some of the issues dealt with in a very simple way in this my first STORY.

  ashes 4

                                                 Daniel believes at the time of his son’s death that his whole life has crumbled into Ashes.    ‘Ashes,  Ashes, everywhere is his heartbroken cry.