The story of Beyond the Ashes began on a coach to Central Australia in 1968. I asked the question in my heart……What happens to ordinary folk when unforgiveness is allowed to fester in their lives?

Could a tragic accident pull a family apart?

Can issues in past lives significantly effect the present?

These are some of the issues dealt with in a very simple way in this my first STORY.

  ashes 4

                                                 Daniel believes at the time of his son’s death that his whole life has crumbled into Ashes.    ‘Ashes,  Ashes, everywhere is his heartbroken cry.



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The full story of my writing life.     I wonder why I am having such a learning curve in understanding today exactly where ‘stuff’ is flowing and saving.

All the books are available now as e-books in many places but Amazon features best aspects.    All I really care about is that books are loved, enjoyed and my Lord is seen in the creativity expressed.


About me

2017 (4)     Hi! my name is Faye Roots, I am wife – married to David for 48 years in October 2018. Mother of three children and now five grandchildren.   I am a Christian writer and hope all the things I both blog and share are honouring to the Lord I love and desire to follow as My Shepherd.  I have begun a Word-press Course from the beginning in the hope it will help me with some of the basics I still have trouble with on my site.  I am a passionate writer and life for me continues to be a balance between the spiritual and the natural and being the best I can be but truthfully acknowledging that the Valleys and the Hills of life must be treated as lessons on the Way.

Picture above was 2017 before the pre-Christmas unexpected valley and the radiation  journey of early 2018.    Hopefully although a bit shaken I have not altered too much from this photograph.